MtMcLoughlinThe famous Mr. Roger’s saying, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,” is the perfect expression for the breathtaking experience enjoyed by many as spring arrives in Southern Oregon. This year in particular is unbelievable!

The mornings are crisp and cool while the afternoons are filled with warmth and blue skies. Glimpses of green on bare branches will soon give way to blossoms and then we’ll be marveling at the splash of color dotting the landscapes as the velvet green hills direct our eyes to the“angel wings” of Mt McLoughlin.  Mother Nature sure knows how to paint a picture of awesomeness in our valley!

Spring is also a time when many think about putting their homes on the market and agents are asked to do Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).  In the process of preparing a CMA the first step is to do a drive by the home to see what the outside looks like…a first impression, and begin the property evaluation based on the curb appeal.  Typically, if the outside of the house is neat and clean, well landscaped, and the yard shows signs of  being well taken care for, then we are pretty sure the inside will follow suit.

Creating landscaping and garden areas on the exterior or your home are even more important when you’re getting ready to sell your house than any other time.  Not only does this make the outside pleasing for potential buyers but it also welcomes buyers to visit your home, because surely the inside is just as lovely as their outside experience.

As with any new project there are steps to take in preparing for the project itself. So, here are a few suggested “to-do’s” before you plant your gardens. The first and possibly most important spring garden task is clean-up, because how well you clean up the garden now determines the kind of garden you will have throughout the spring and summer months. Care2.com has as simple article titled, “5 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Garden For The Season. This link to the quick-read article takes away the mystery and makes the project seem enjoyable.

Additionally, we are fortunate to have wonderful resources here in Southern Oregon such as the; Southern Oregon Extension Services in Jacksonville with classes offered throughout the year and people who volunteer their time to answer all your questions; check it out. http://extension.oregonstate.edu/sorec/mg

Finally, as far as resources don’t forgot the Grange Co-op with many locations in Southern Oregon, the people at the Grange (what we locals call it) are experts (and super nice) in their perspective fields. If you aren’t sure what tree, shrub, or grass you have just take them a leave, twig or blade and they will identify it for you and help direct you to what products will help you produce the very best results.

When you’re ready to put your house on the market, give us a call, and one of our agents will give your property a look with a fresh set of eyes. We’re here for you!

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